Frequently Asked Questions

PulseCentral Update v1.0.1.0
Last Updated 3 years ago

1) Meta Data Incorrect

2) Screen Flicker when re-sizing

3) Incorrect glyphs images shown in Account dialog pop-up

4) Re-size on Group Management page doesn’t work correctly - all panels should be the same size.

5) Notification log should be displayed in descending order

6) Event Log truncates long username

7) When navigating from the Help page (or Getting Started / Print Preview) to the previous page, using the treeview, no change occurs.

8) Navigation History (Back / Forward) can record the same page twice.

9) Back / Forward navigation does not work correctly when returning from Help, Getting Started or Print Preview.

10) Version information on Config / Version dialog is not correct

11) Save warning is not displayed when navigating to the Help, Getting Started or Print Preview pages

12) Local Reports are not displayed when viewed for a second time.

13) Pop-Up menus added to all Grid controls.

14) Standard Dialog's display logic can result in AV

15) Licensing is not enforced when creating user

16) License information on Config / Licensing dialog is not informative

17) Event Logging was not comprehensive

18) Info / Tooltips are not displayed correctly

19) Actions (Toolbar controls) hints were displayed in a plain fashion

20) Import Wizard functionality and UI added

22) Fixed Reconcile Error dialog 'Index Out of Bounds' error

23) Import Wizard and Notification Centre now flag data communication

24) Iterative loops that communicate with the Server may not stop if errors occur

25) System Event Log filter now includes Status filter option

26) The Save As CSV option causes the current page to flicker / scroll unintentionally

27) Tab-Order on all pages and dialogs is correct

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