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PulseCentral Update v1.0.1.1
Last Updated 3 years ago

Whats New in Pulse Central?

1a) Fixed issues with the local report generation not working correctly for the User Management page.
1b) Fixed issue where Local Report would not display all records from a selected DataSet.

2) Implemented the new report template to support feature rich HTML / CSS reports.

3) Added in additional filter on the System Log to include an option to filter for different event errors.

4) Fixed bug that caused the displayed page to change when the print dialog was displayed.  THIS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN CORRECTED.

5) Implemented additional functionality to ensure that when users publish Bulletin notices, they enter a URL and not the Notice message.

6) Updated Import validation to use DS_COMMS_ errors instead of text-based descriptors.

7) Added functionality to respond to blank System Default Password values during User Import operations.

8) Added support for the plain-text default System Password.

9a) Fixed issue where Actions' Status was not being initially determined.
9b) Resolved issue where "Save Changes" banner is displayed after initial logon.

10) Introduced new functionality to support the Quick Nav bar, Navigation Button Bar and collapsing of the TreeView Navigation.

11) Removed DoubleBuffering setting as it was causing visual anomalies.

12a) Fixed issues connected to mis-calculating Exposure for a Notice viewed from My Notices.
12b) Introduced functionality to indicate if Notices have been sent or are due to be sent, when viewed from My Notice

13) Corrected SPG issues on Send Notice dialog.

14) Resized controls on the Notification Centre to stop clipping.

15) Updated code to resize / position the controls on the Connection page.

16) Fixed issues with icons / glyphs not being shown in search boxes on ParentOf & PublisherOf dialogs.

17) Updated the Getting Started page.

18) Fixed issues with InfoTips clipping the displayed text.

19) Bulletin Pop-up showed incorrect message.

20) Issues with Focus not changing when navigating to pages from the TreeView, have been resolved.

21) Issues with the UI appearing to hang after Resetting a User’s Password have been resolved.

22) Resolved Cascaded Display issues when selecting “Specific User / Multiple Groups” on Step 3 of the Notification Centre.

23) Added functionality to reset the “Groups and Individuals” panel on the Notification Centre page.

24) Added Spell Check functionality to the Notice Message part of the Notification Centre.

25) Added better visual indication of loading, refreshing and saving operations.

26) Fixed issue with System Log filters not being identified in the Status Bar.

27) Group Titles, on the Group Management page are now validated.

28) Validation added to check System Default Password when creating new users or resetting passwords.

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